Areas of Expertise

Because of the nature of translation, only translators who understand the subject matter they are translating can produce correct and accurate translations. I have a strong background in areas including business, financial reporting, financial products and law. Moreover, I have a fine feel for my native language, English, and can reproduce not only the content, but also the tone and feel of your original text in the English. My three key areas of expertise are:

City Translations can offer you:

  • Translations of the following file formats:
    • .doc/.docx
    • .odt
    • .xls/.xlsx
    • .ppt/.pptx
    • .pdf*
    • .idml
  • Translations of short, long or very long texts
  • Free test translation of up to 200 words/1,000 characters (inc. spaces) for prospective business clients
  • Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Rush jobs (jobs with tight deadlines)
  • Reservation of capacity for your expected future needs, e.g. reserving 2 weeks in February for the translation of your annual report
  • Discounts for 100%-matches and 75-99% to translations previously translated by me
  • Bilingual files can be provided (sdlxliff files or bilingual review files)
  • Previous translations (e.g. previous years’ annual reports or previous prospectuses) will be used as a basis for my translation if I did the previous translation or you have a TM (translation memory) and a discount will be applied.

* Due to the nature of the document, pdfs often cannot be recreated in precisely the same format as the original. If you have the original document (e.g. a Word document) from which the pdf was created, you will achieve a better result by having that document translated and converting the resulting translation into a pdf.
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