Does it matter if they use translation software (CAT tools)?

href=””>Translation software, also known as CAT tools or computer assisted translation tools, assists in:

  • faster translation
  • consistent style and terminology in translations
  • checking the every sentence has been translated
  • enabling providers to calculate and give discounts for repetitions
  • enabling providers to easily translate PowerPoint and produce a translation in the same format as the original
  • enabling previous translations to be used as a basis for a new translation

Its disadvantage is that it needs copyable text to work (e.g. pdfs with uncopyable text cannot be translated using translation software unless the text to be translated is typed out into a separate document).
There are also ways of translating consistently and quickly that do not involve translation software. Ultimately, it is up to the translator or translation company whether they use translation software (CAT tools) or not. City Translations uses translation software for its translations because of the quality assurance and consistency advantages these provide.